Pokemon Fan builds Pokedex DS

Pokemon fans show off a handheld Pokedex they’ve custom made from an official toy and a Nintendo DS Lite.

In the world of Pokémon there are several different devices that trainers use to help them catch them all. This includes Pokeballs, TMs and HMs, and PCs to store pocket monsters. The IS Pokémon The world is full of impressive technology that helps make fighting and capturing that much easier, with new hardware constantly being introduced into the world of RPGs.

One electronic that is extremely important to trainers is the Pokedex. This piece of technology helps provide information on Pokemon and keeps track of where each pocket monster can be found, as well as the ones that have already been caught. It is a very important device to have that can be indispensable for trainers.


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A Redditor called tomvdcr posted an image of a DS Pokedex they made. The DS Lite handheld is made to look like a Pokedex from Generation 4 Pokémon. According to the user, this was their 12th custom machine and they can now make them in about 10 hours. Tomvdcr said that the Pokedex DS is made by peeling off the inside of a Jakks Pacific toy shell and mounting the console inside it. The Redditor said that they make them on commission, but aren’t taking requests right now because the order list is full right now.

The DS Pokedex made by tomvdcr has garnered a huge following and has over 12,000 votes. While many of the commenters have mentioned that the piece of hardware looks great, they don’t care about how comfortable it is to play games on. One fan asked if tomvdcr had any videos showing how the Pokedex DS was made, and the user replied that they do on his TikTok which shares the same name as his Reddit account. The custom DS Lite looks amazing and would be perfect for anyone who loves it Pokémon.

Tomvdcr isn’t the only one creating custom Pokedex kits. One Redditor going by the name QueenLa3fah posted a clip of a custom Game Boy cartridge they made that doubles as a Pokedex. The color is Wi-Fi enabled, and can look up information on any pocket monster the user puts into it. The short video posted shows a search for Bulbasaur being input into the Game Boy, followed by some facts about the Pokémon popping up on the device’s screen. QueenLa3fah and Tomvdcr’s pieces are great, mixing together old and new technology that can keep anyone interested Pokémon fans.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet was released on November 18 for the Nintendo Switch.

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