Elden Ring Glitch has the player standing at Grace’s Location

Elden Ring Glitch has the player standing at Grace’s Location

A glitch in FromSoftware’s latest game, Elden Ring, shows a player standing at the Site of Lost Grace when they should be sitting and resting.

Earlier this year, The ring of Elden to critical acclaim and a adoring fan base after hitting store shelves. So far, The ring of Elden it is said to have sold over 13.4 million copies and is FromSoftware’s best-selling game. Like previous games made by the studio, it is notable for its high difficulty and depressing setting. Unfortunately, at the time of its initial release, the game was also known for being rather buggy.

The PC version of the game received the most criticism, as did the Steam version The ring of Elden initially to mixed reviews due to performance issues. Many of the issues have since been patched out, and the current Steam reviews for the game are listed as “Very positive.” However, regardless of how many times a game developer patches, some issues and quirks will remain.


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Since The ring of Elden release, players have shared their own encounters with the game’s strange quirks and glitches. One of the funniest bugs shows the The ring of Elden A glitching enemy at the top of a ladder where he crouches on it repeatedly. In a later post, Reddit user Educational-Price-40 revealed a strange glitch where the player character would not sit down at the Lost Grace Location, but the full menu was still available.

Despite that The ring of Elden technically original intellectual property, it is very similar to the Dark Souls games. Both involve the player character killing a handful of extremely powerful entities to gain his power. Furthermore, this power is used to fuel a mysterious cosmic force that keeps a supposed Golden Age from passing its time. The two franchises are so similar, in fact, that even George RR Martin once referenced it The ring of Elden as Dark Souls sequence. The Lost Grain Sites are one of these similar features.

I The ring of EldenLost Grain Sites have a similar function to Bonfires Dark Souls games. The player rests at these locations, replenishes health, refills healing potions, and ascends. In addition, players can fast travel between these locations. Character deaths that happen right before getting to these locations due to lost progress are heartbreaking. In some cases, however, the Sites Of Lost Grace are in The ring of Elden They are not always peaceful, with one located near the Walking Mausoleum. When a glitch in the game ensures that the player can not even sit down on the site, it can make these sites more disturbing.

The ring of Elden now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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