Bizarre Pokemon GO Glitch Looks Like Something From Elden’s Ring

Bizarre Pokemon GO Glitch Looks Like Something From Elden’s Ring

In 2016, Niantic officially released the augmented reality game, Pokemon Go. At the time of release, the game received mixed reviews due to its lack of content and technical issues. Despite this, the game helped to enliven the Pokémon franchise into the popular consciousness and is an extremely profitable product. Like all video games, however, Pokemon Go sometimes prone to bugs.

As mentioned above, the game initially had many technical and performance issues. A lot of it Pokemon GoThe issues were fixed in the 2016 update, but problems still exist. For the most part, though, the bugs in the game are harmless, making Pokemon look different or make them behave in a strange way. Sometimes, however, these bugs can lead to something much more horrific.


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Any Pokemon Go a bug, for example, caused Typhlosion to apparently fuse with Misdreavus. This gave the creature a look similar to the Typhlosion Hisuian i Pokemon Legends: Arceus. In a later example, some Pokémon were fused into some kind of monstrosity that looks like something off The ring of Elden. In a recent post, Reddit user Grimm64209 shared the Pokemon Go abomination of the Elden Ring page, and it’s really hard to tell what Pokemon are fused into this thing.

In the post, Grimm64209 suggested that the fused Pokémon resembled the The ring of Elden Boss, Godrick the Grafted. Godrick the Grafted was hated in the world of The ring of Elden and took extra limbs to fuse with his body to gain more power. The caption for the image also reads “In charge of your knees!!!”; a reference to a weapon skill only available with Godrick’s Axe.

In the various FromSoftware games, the bosses the player will encounter usually fall into one of two categories. They are usually armored people or some kind of grotesque monstrosity straight out of an HP Lovecraft nightmare. Many of the bosses in their latest game fall into the latter category, and players have even debated which one The ring of Elden Boss smells the worst. This particular Pokemon Go Abomination, born of a glitch, could easily fit right next to one of the bosses.

Since Pokemon Go released, the game is still a huge moneymaker for Nintendo, Niantic, and The Pokemon Company. Pokemon Go it made over $1 billion in 2020 alone and some sources claim that the game has earned over $7 billion worldwide since its launch. The game’s content is constantly being released, but no matter how thoroughly the developers can test it, the game is bound to run into a few bugs from time to time. Sometimes, the glitches happen just like The ring of Elden bosses.

Pokemon Go available for most mobile devices.

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